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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your Rental Property Information for all Tenants·         We appreciate that the current crisis may be causing you concern. As a responsible Management Company we feel it is important to advise you of the arrangements that the Government has put in place to assist you in paying your rent, which in the majority of cases also covers electricity, gas, water, Council Tax and Broadband in your property:-Tenants that are Employed·         Where you are unable to work due to sickness or self-isolation you are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay if you qualify for it or the sick pay your terms of employment offer above that amount.·         Employers can access a grant that covers 80% of your salary (up to a maximum of £2,500 per month). This is called the “Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme”. This is available on the proviso that your employer does not make you redundant. The scheme is backdated so that employees recently made redundant may be rehired and covered by the scheme. ·         If you have recently been made redundant you should contact your former employer to see if they will be taking up this grant.Tenants that are Self Employed·         You may apply for Universal Credit. You will be able to claim the equivalent of Statutory Sick Pay (£94 per week). ·         To apply digitally for Universal Credit please go to https://www.gov.uk/universal-credit·         Where it is not possible to apply digitally you can apply by calling the Universal Credit Helpline on 0800 328 5644. ·         You may be entitled to an advanced payment on your Universal Credit by contacting the Department of Works and Pensions on the Universal Credit Helpline above.·         You may be entitled to a Discretionary Housing Payment from your Local Authority. If you think you are please contact Scarborough Borough Council on 01723 232323.·         Further support for the Self Employed maybe forthcoming. Council Tax Relief·         If you pay Council Tax at for your property you may be entitled to assistance. Local Authorities are being provided with a £500 million emergency fund the bulk of which is intended to be targeted at Council Tax Relief. Please contact Scarborough Borough Council on 01723 232323.GeneralThe Residential Landlords Association advises that:·         Those unaffected by the Coronavirus should continue to pay their rent as normal.·         Similarly, if you can still afford to pay your rent after your circumstances change, then you should continue to pay your rent as normal.·         Any rent that may be deferred will still be required to be paid back later as part of a payment arrangement. To avoid potentially unmanageable living costs in the future Tenants should be encouraged to pay their rent if they can afford it. ·         Landlords/Managers still have a legal obligation to keep their properties safe and in repair so it may be necessary to obtain access to properties to carry out major repairs. However this must be balanced against the risk of infection and in any circumstances the practice of social distancing must continue.·         In respect of any problems at your property please email  dorothysidebottom@hotmail.com Please include the property address and a contact number.   Please remember that we are here to help but it is important that you follow the above, as appropriate to your circumstances, in the first instance. If you need to contact us the preferred method would be to email us on the above e mail. Please include a property address and a contact number.
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