FPSales & Estates Ltd - Company Message

Our associates can provide personal management services to a high standard and work alongside us at all times.  Part or full management of your property is available under the same terms as 
FP Sales & Estates Ltd.

We are also able to provide a block management service where we would sort out repairs, insurance, claims to the building block and fabric on your behalf take out all the hassle,  this service starts from as little as £100 per year per block, dependent on size.

A guide would be block of 4 flats dependent on services required between £100-£300 per year.  Thats starting from only £25 per person per annum

Block of 9 flats from £300-£600 per year.  That equates to 
£33.33 per flat to £66.66 per annum for our services.

We have a panel of contractors with excellent references for all trades at reasonable prices.

Annual financial reports are provided and more often if required so you can keep track of what you are spending on the maintenance of your home along with the others in your block.

Note:- Discounts are offered for landlords where we manage your flat for a tenancy as well as the block, sometimes as much as 50%.   

Our savings are passed on to you.