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PLEASE CONTACT US FOR OUR SECTION 21 FACTSHEET, however the main highlights of the new legislation are:-

The tenant must have lived in the property for 4 months before you can serve a Section21N.

A S21 is only valid for 6 months from the date it is given.

The date of possession must be the last day of the tenancy period.

A Section 21N cannot be serve ed if:-

1. There is no EPC for the property.
2. There is no gas certificate
3. There are outstanding repairs
4. The tenants deposit has not been protected
5. The prescribed information has not been served.

If a tenant is served a Section 21N and leaves before the end of the notice period he or she is entitled to any rent back they have paid, past their leaving date.  Landlords must return this.


Issued after the 1st October come under the same rules, regardless of when the original tenancy agreement was made out.

Please note: The How to rent booklet has to have been served and the correct dated one subsequent re-served.